Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Years

So over this past year a lot have happened and one of those things is me deciding to move this blog to a new location. This is both because I feel like trying something new but also because i want to change the overall way of doing this thing. i will still make reviews and i do hope that those of you who have enjoyed it here will follow me to my new place... after all I have enjoyed myself on this site but ah well I guess i needed the change

hope you will follow me to

again Happy New Year and may 2016 be a good one :) 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Scooby-Doo Show (1976-1978)

On Thursday I had to throw in the towel and call it sick... thing about me being sick is i get really pathetic, like man flu pathetic... so in a way to lift my mood a bit I went full nostalgia and combined it with a small flair of Halloween spirit and ended up on Scooby Doo... but i have watched the original series to often so i figured i would go for the next in line of the series. 

so just to sum up... Scooby Doo is about a mystery solving gang consisting of Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and of cause a talking dog Scooby Doo. (because that is all logical and stuff). Anywho... they travel around in the mystery van (greatly inspired in the 60's flower power) and seem to just fall upon mystery after mystery. oh here's the intro for ya..

So it turns out that the Scooby-Doo Show is the one they have shown most on danish TV as I recognized  quite a lot of the episodes... not minding the revisit though I generally just love Scooby Doo, well as long as they don't make him sing anyway,, actually it is bit of a mystery why i have not posted about the Mystery gang already because i do get flips every now and then and at this point i have watched almost every movie made... luckily for me they keep making them so i don't seem to run out just yet. 

So since this is a fundamentally part of who i am of cause i recommend it... but i guess it is not for every ones taste... i always loved it and always will.. it is part of my love for learning things and i guess it does teach a lesson about people being the monsters... as a newbie to Scooby i don't know where it would be best to start.. i love these old ones sure but i really like the newer ones to... so well.. i dunno.. start where you want i guess.. they usely don't have a need for following a story line except in the mystery inc series.. which i have not finished yet XD 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Robots (2005)

i am sooo bad at watching movies lately.. been munching series though... anywho its sunday and i actually felt like a a movie today... and Netflix was kind to suggest this fine one...

Robots is about a young robot boy, Rodney, who has grown up poor but dreams big. As a kid he listened to the greatest bot in the world Bigweld. Bigweld fed Rodney the wish to invent by saying that no matter the parts you can still shine. So after finding a need and tinkering around and a little advice to follow his dream, he travels to robot city to show his invention top Big Bot. But the road is long and it is not without trouble.

I actually went to the movies to watch this back when it came out. I did love it but somehow i never seen it again nor heard much about it in general. The movie is in short about a youngster from "the country" going into the big city and meeting all sorts of robots who either help him or try to stop him in making his dream. I love the humor in this one. It is sweet and refreshing and just makes you wanna follow your dreams.

oh and you will totally get the feels as Robin Williams is voicing in this one.

so there you have it a very under-appreciated cartoon for this Sunday :) enjoy

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

United States of Tara (2009 - 2011)

United States of Tara is about Tara and her family.. and well the other sides of Tara. Tara has multiple personality disorder and along with her family she has decided to drop her meds as they make her drowsy and basically not herself. This of cause means that the personalities show up every now and then... so lets meet T, Alice and Buck. Tara's main sharers. T is a 16 year old horny teenager which only Tara's teenage girl find kinda fun as she can go shopping with her. Alice is a 30's housewife who is going for being perfect. And Buck well Buck likes to kick ass when Tara wont do it herself. All the personalities has a purpose, a way of protecting Tara. But family life isn't all that easy when half the time you can't remember what you have done or been saying. 

I Love Toni Collette for making this. First of like wow the talent. Its one thing to play one character
on a show but to play four right of the start is nothing short of amazing. Anyway the show is funny and enlightening. It takes a fun spin on a psychological disorder an topic that tend to be taboo. All while showing a lot of other subjects that all in all makes a family. 

So if you want a fun easy-going show with a pretty good and deserving topic this is one that truly deserve a look. It has a good flow and let you get a glimpse of what this disorder can do to a family. 

enjoy :) 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Road to El Dorado (2000)

Over the years my bestie managed to teach me that Sundays are best spend watching animations... and well i do like my cartoons... and although i have been at work today or more because of it im in a brilliant mood for cartoons... but being a little tired i choose to go with one of my favorites...

The road to El Dorado is about 2 swindlers Miguel and Tulio who after an unfortunately ending of a street gamble - mainly going wrong because Miguel must have the map showing the way to El Dorado -  they end up on a ship bound to the new world (south america if i know my history correctly) The ships captain is not to thrilled by unwanted passengers on his ship wants to throw them of on cuba to work as slaves... Miguel and Tulio not to happy about the idea finds a way to escape and then the journey to find El Dorado.. 

so like i said an old time favorite of mine... i think i might at some point have watched it in English but this is one of the few animations i almost always watch in Danish just because the songs is sung by a danish artist called Bamse (danish word for teddybear just in case you were wondering) and well his music to El Dorado is as epic as Elton John is for The Lion King or Phil Collins to Tarzan... so yeah that is the reason why i always watch this one in Danish... also it actually have great humor in danish to meaning it was pretty well translated.. this is sadly not the case in the more modern animations... 

anywho enjoy your Sunday everyone ;) 

Friday, September 11, 2015

a new found love...

so in a moment of weakness i managed  to sign up on Netflix a thing i have wanted to do for a while but well had not really made happen.. .so this week i did it... and apart from not having all season on some things i must admit i'm slightly in love.... i mean it is soooo easy and even better... it has my bloody documentaries and stuff that i have been forced to limit to visits at my parents (yep i'm the bomb when i visits sitting in front of the telly watching docus...)

however i am now starting to realize that there is not enough hours in the day... like the days just keeps disappearing and i really don't feel like i been watching that much telly... i managed to do other stuff to and all.. just not enough.. oh well guess it is a time thief that movie munching deal..

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

D.E.B.S. (2004)

since it has been so long since my last post i decided to do one from the shelf..Yes i own this one.. gonna comment on this later on...

D.E.B.S. is a special school for girls learning about well spy stuff... how does the students get picked well... there is this secret test within the aptitude test (sry but have no clue what this test is about in the first place... we don't do them in small DK) anywho if you score well in the test within the test you get contacted... or well drafted might be the word. Anyway we are in this movie following a specific group of 4 D.E..B.S. where one of these is the posterchild for D.E.B.S as she is the perfect score... not that anyone knows exactly what this means... Amy (the posterchild) however is not really into the whole spy stuff and honestly she just wanna go to art school and i don't know be free... and then this evil mastermind shows up in the form of Lucy Diamond (played by Jordana Brewster ) who is really just showing up for a stupid blind date with a Russian assassin, a female russian assassin.... after a failed surveillance mission Lucy and Amy meet and well Lucy is back on the horse and Amy well she reluctantly follows...

This movie is honestly so bad it's good... i love this movie and i know it is very very very wrong.. but come on girls in miniskirts with guns and a super cute villain that isn't really bad... it's super sappy and sweet too.. and it actually have great humor which is probably why i have fallen for it... it is also the first movie i were i knew i was watching Jordana Brewster in... there was a time where i could brag of having watched all her movies but one.. still haven't been around that horror... anywho.... yeah she's my first moviecrush... 
well there you have it... one from my shelf of fabulous movies... yeah..